The Danger Behind Trump's Tweets

North korea and donald trump

Do you remember (or do you still currently notice) the times when the leaders of North Korea would make absurd comments and impulsive threats to the rest of the world, and we all considered them to be mentally insane acts of aggression?

donald trump nuclear tweet

Welcome to Trumps America.

Do you think that just because we call ourselves Americans, the rest of the world won't take actions against us based on these comments by the president (elect)?

We are the worlds biggest threat with our nuclear arsenal. We consider North Korea an "axis of evil" member, but they don't even have enough domestically grown food to give to their people, let alone fund a working warhead.

I'm embarrassed that the world will assume I have the same thoughts as this ludicrous representative of my country.

(If you do not know what is being said then please educate yourself and read the news, a small 5am comment can have dramatic effects, there are treaties that he plans to break that has kept this world a heck of a lot safer then what it cwould be otherwise.

We will cause fear and concern in other countries if we start entertaining the idea of another nuclear arms race. This fear could easily feed into the creation of another World War. If you defend Trump because you feel like you have to due to your association with the Republican Party, then you are no better then that asshole that tortures kids in the hallway at school.

Being a part of the Republican Party is not a bad thing. Its when you defend and excuse this idiocy that your ideals become no better than a terrorists.

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