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With the recent uptick in violent hate crimes, sexual abuse allegations, and mass shootings in the United States, many minorities feel like they are marked for targeted violence. Our country is at a crossroads between the racism & bigotry of the past, & the possibility of equality for the future. Now more than ever, it is important that we stand together.


As Americans, we won't be afraid to keep fighting injustice, & we won't hide who we are because of someone else's fear.

AMERICANCER is anti-hate art protest/art movement created by digital artist Gary Adrian Randall.


Inspired by Guernica, by Pablo Picasso, it is his statement about the social injustices plaguing our country today, & a depiction of his personal frustration & fear as a result of the divisive agenda of this administration. It was created from a still image of the background art from the upcoming artistic mobile game, Enter the Reveries.


Any relation to entities living or dead was most likely intentional.


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