AMERICANCER art events are meant to be a safe place where artists can share their anti-hate artwork, engage in a dialogue about how to move forward and support each other in a time when our rights and safety are at stake, and encourage our friends and neighbors to VOTE.

AMERICANCER art events can be as simple or as complex as you want, as long as the message remains hopeful, and the protest remains peaceful. The goal here is to create a safe space for artists and like minds to share their experience, and create change through democracy.

The goal is not, and will never be violence. AMERICANCER shows are about unity in the face of division.




If you are an established art gallery, and want to take part in AMERICANCER, great!


  • Contact your artists and invite them to create AMERICANCER art.

  • Plan a popup show to exhibit the artwork, and invite your contact list. 

  • Add your own creative ideas to the event (survivors of violence panel, black and white theme, interactive art installations etc.)

  • Project the original AMERICANCER piece by Gary Adrian Randall onto a wall (interior or exterior). Download the file HERE.

  • Encourage everyone who attends to VOTE.

  • Share photos of your event with the hashtag #AMERICANCER

AMERICANCER at First Fridays Art Walk. DENVER, CO
KANON Collective. DENVER, CO
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