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AMERICANCER is an anti-Trump protest, created by digital artist Gary Adrian Randall.

The goal is to create social change, by encouraging artists to express their frustration through art.


"AMERICANCER is inspired by death. The death of my friend, the death of my mother, and the death of the freedoms upon which this country was originally founded."


I used to think that politics didn't matter. I chose to remain willfully ignorant. Then, my friend Eddie was murdered in the Pulse Massacre, and my bubble of naivete shattered into a million pieces. A part of me shattered along with it. I cried for a week, unsure of why. I felt useless, and helpless. I felt scared. It took a hail of bullets for me to realize that my frustration came from powerlessness. I wanted change.

I realized that as an artist, its my responsibility to create that change.


I realized that as a gay man, its my responsibility to fight.

I cry as I write this, because I know how long that fight has gone on. I know what it has cost us, and I know that it is far from over. But if we don't fight, we lose our rights.


And too many of us continue to die every day, to give up that fight.

We must all fight in our own ways. I started working on AMERICANCER in November 2016, just after the election. I saw so much hate in the world, and I knew that hate was only going to get worse, with the Trump administration justifying it and breathing life into the divisiveness that has since torn our country apart.


My mother was diagnosed with cancer in December, 2016. She died in September 2017. I finished AMERICANCER while living with her in the chemotherapy ward. She believed in my message. So I named the AMERICANCER movement for her.


Because the truth is, hatred is cancer. The Trump administration sows the seeds of hate. They know if we hate each other, we can never unite against them. But we know something that they don't. Love is stronger than hate.

AMERICANCER depicts the social injustices we faced in 2016. The Pulse Massacre, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, the rise of Neo-Nazism, and the pointless, racist, xenophobic wall are all things we barely discuss anymore. The Trump administration has normalized it all. If you need proof of that, imagine all the social injustices that have happened since.

And then create art around it.


Share your pain. Show the world your heart.


And help me prove that LOVE ALWAYS TRUMPS HATE.

AMERICANCER will released globally, in the last level of my artistic mobile game, Enter the Reveries. It will be beamed to mobile phones all over the world, illustrating that there are people in this country who still believe in the purity of the American dream, and who are willing to fight for it. I want to turn AMERICANCER into a world-wide art movement. I want artists to join me in creating AMERICANCER artwork of their own. I want artists to commemorate their experiences in this time of uncertainty and war.


Because artists have the unique ability to affect change through their art.

And that has never been more important, than right now.

-Gary Adrian Randall



If we don't vote, democracy dies with us. CLICK HERE to register to vote and make your voice heard in November.



Look around. Think about the injustices that frustrate you. And create your own #AMERICANCER artwork. Dance, sing, paint, draw. Create. Make something that the world will remember, or something that will create a conversation.



Share your AMERICANCER artwork on social media with the hashtag #AMERICANCER. We can only create change together. This hashtag will represent the voices of artists everywhere, as one collective voice.

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